Kingsland LODGE #1424
Confers 25, 40, 50, 60, and 70 year
MASONIC Service Pins
The Kingsland Lodge recognizes members who have given significant Masonic service for many years. Special pins are awarded at 25, 40, 50 and 75 years, and with certificates for 60 and 70-year milestones.
Masonic Service Emblems are awarded by the Lodge Secretary any time during the year in which a member celebrates this significant anniversary of membership. The Worshipful Master MAY use the Presentation Ceremony, at his discretion to a member who has been a Master Mason in good standing for the predefined number of years.
Additional service award levels of 60, 70 and 75-years may also be awarded. The 75-year award is known as the Diamond Jubilee Award.
The date of initiation, whether in the Lodge of which he is presently a member or in some other Lodge in this or any Jurisdiction recognized by the Grand Lodge of Texas, is to be used in determining the completion of his fifty or more years in good Masonic standing.
If a Brother resigns from a Lodge to affiliate with another; he is still in good Masonic standing. Therefore, the period during which he was not affiliated with any Lodge should be included in the fifty or more years.
Any period during which a Brother may have been suspended must not be counted as part of the fifty years, UNLESS the suspension was for not more than one year, in which case the period of his suspension should not be deducted.
70 year service emblem award-
60 year service emblem award-
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